Jagmeet Singh
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Friday, September 13, 2019
11:45 AM
 - 1:30 PM

Jagmeet Singh

Leader, New Democratic Party
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New Deal for People

Today’s young families are worse off than their parents’ generation and Jagmeet Singh has a plan to change that. Join us on September 13th as Jagmeet discusses his vision for Canada ahead of the federal election. He calls it A New Deal for People — and he’s unapologetic about how it’ll change Canada for the better. 
Jagmeet Singh is a lawyer, former MPP in Ontario, a human rights activist, and the Leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party. Jagmeet understands what a lot of Canadians’ lives are like these days because as a young man, he had to step up and take care of his family. Jagmeet believes everyone has a right to dream of a better future for themselves and their family, and that governments should do more to strengthen services and create that better future for more people.