Providing access to news and newsmakers is the basis on which The Canadian Club was founded over 127 years ago. The year was 1897 and a Hamilton journalist with a desire to encourage interest in Canadian affairs invited guests for discussions over dinner. The lunch time affair was established five years later when the Canadian Club of Toronto President invited Board members to a three-course 25 cent lunch at Webb’s Restaurant on Yonge Street. The time of day was a popular draw and soon guest speakers were added to the menu. Back in the day, Prime Ministers used the Club’s venue to reach out to Canadians, particularly during times of crises, like war. More than 12 decades later, Canadian Club Toronto offers leaders from politics, business, community and the arts to share their insights on key issues that draw impressive audiences, whether at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Canadian Clubs are now established across Canada, including the only monolingual French Club, Le Club Canadien de Toronto.