About Us

As Canada’s preeminent public affairs destination, Canadian Club Toronto is proud to leverage its bold legacy of connecting Canadians with world-class leaders and newsmakers. Our podium is a respected and sought-after vehicle to share ideas, insights, strategies and news with discerning audiences.
For almost 125 years, we have delivered on an ambitious and timely mission: to connect Canadians with world-class leaders, decision-makers and thought leaders on issues that matter most. Whether it’s hosting heads of state, C-suite executives, Nobel laureates, leading scientists, creative innovators or popular artists, our well-recognized not-for-profit organization continues to adapt and change to meet the needs of today’s astute consumers of information.
Our members and audiences are drawn from an impressively diverse group of leaders from a broad range of sectors. Distinguished guest speakers to Canadian Club Toronto routinely attract national media coverage and draw impressive audiences. Our commitment to promoting accessibility is demonstrated through the availability of Club programming in various formats, including online, webcasts, or cable television broadcasts.