Khadija Waseem

Board of Directors

Khadija Waseem

Consultant, Monitor Deloitte

Khadija Waseem is a national youth advocate and a third year student at Rotman Commerce, University of Toronto. She is currently working on Community Building & Outreach at #MoveTheDial, a movement working to empower women in technology. 

Khadija is a Daughter of the Vote with Equal Voice, a social not for profit organization empowering women in leadership, policy and politics. As a Daughter of the Vote she works to empower youth nationally with researched toolkits, and recommendations on national policies. She is a head research coordinator at the Rotman School of Management spearheading research used to write new and updated textbook materials.

Khadija is an at-risk youth counsellor, and founder of various youth social services programs across Toronto working to provide social supports to low-income and marginalized youth. She is a champion of many social justice causes, particularly the empowerment of minorities, at-risk/marginalized youth, and women. 

She is formerly part of the Prime Ministers Office’s policy team, a youth delegate to the United Nations, a G(irls)20 future board member, and a 50 Canadian youth for Canada150 with Global Vision. With her unique hyphenated perspective Khadija has been profiled by the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and CBC for various youth issues.