A journalist in Hamilton founded The Canadian Club. He sought to foster interest in matters affecting the welfare of Canada – just 25 years after Confederation. Soon after, The Canadian Club of Toronto was founded in 1897.

Traditionally Canadian Club events were evening affairs. They migrated to lunchtime quite by accident in 1902, when the President of the Canadian Club of Toronto invited Board members to join him for lunch at Webb’s Restaurant on Yonge Street, where a good three-course meal could be had for 25 cents. The lunch format was so popular that soon speakers were added to the roster. The Canadian Club lunch was born!

Before instantaneous news coverage, Prime Ministers used the Club to reach out to Canadians – particularly in times of crises like the outbreak of war.

Today, Canadian Club Toronto offers newsmakers the opportunity to speak in depth about key issues to a varied audience of several hundred.

There are more than 40 Canadian Clubs across Canada as well as Le Club Canadien de Toronto – the only unilingual French club in the country.

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