• The Executive Vision for Ontario's Future

    by Dev Shields | Sep 29, 2017
    Canadian Club Toronto was pleased to welcome Ontario’s CEO Panel for the first event of the 2017/18 seasons on Thursday, September 21st.
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  • Farewell, Mr. Mansbridge

    by Dev Shields | Jun 30, 2017
    The Canadian Club Toronto’s final event of the 2016/17 season featured decorated journalist Peter Mansbridge. On Monday, June 19th, Mansbridge took the podium to reflect on his 5 decades with CBC prior to his July retirement.
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  • Taking Pride in Progress

    by Dev Shields | Jun 22, 2017
    In celebration of Pride Month, Canadian Club Toronto was pleased to welcome Randy Boissonnault, Special Advisor to PM Trudeau on LGBTQ2 issues and Edmonton Centre MP this past Thursday, June 15th. Hosted by CCT Director Michael Bach, the event featured Mr. Boissonnault telling his own story, and then talking policy and history with Egale’s Helen Kennedy.
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  • Finding the balance after 150 years

    by Dev Shields | May 29, 2017
    National Chief Perry Bellegarde and CBC’s Duncan McCue engaged in a fireside chat on the Canadian Club of Toronto stage this past Wednesday, March 24, 2017. On the docket? “Reconciliation: A Path to a Stronger Canada”.
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  • Wisdom from "Canada's Warren Buffett"

    by Dev Shields | May 25, 2017
    Introduced by Fred Mifflin as “the Warren Buffett of the North”, Prem Watsa took the Canadian Club of Toronto podium on May 18th, 2017.
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  • 3 Ways the Ontario Government is Changing Education Forever

    by Dev Shields | May 09, 2017
    Canadian Club Toronto was pleased to welcome the Honourable Mitzie Hunter, Ontario’s Minister of Education, this past Monday, May 8th, 2017.
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